Pinker re-indexes when starting or when the user presses the "Update index" button

While indexing, search results and match counts are not 100% correct and consistent, and so far Pinker does not support pausing the indexing process.If users want to switch off automatic re-indexing before starting Pinker, this can be done through Settings or by changing  the configuration file manually.


  • Go to Settings and de-select the “Search for changes at start up” item under Locations options
  • Close Settings

Manual configuration:

Change the configuration file manually as follows:.

On Windows

  • Edit in the Pinker folder (C:\Users\<user>\AppData\Local\Pinker\app\pinker\data\pinker) the file config
  • Add or change pinker.indexOnStartup=false

On Mac

  • Edit in the pinker folder .pinker file
  • Add or change pinker.indexOnStartup=false